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All Useware Systems employees believe in good software, software that benefits all users, is pleasant to use and delivers impressive results.

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Award-Winning Tech Accelerator For Agencies

Digital Projects

Deliver your digital projects faster, safer and with better results. With a clear focus on the project business, we reduce technical complexity, create flexible software architectures and bring speed back into the development process.


Uprise9 cooperates with many agencies and is always interested in strengthening the network of agencies and teams to achieve even better results.


Uprise9 is the sparring partner and reinsurance for successful agencies. With our broad technology and digital expertise, we support agencies in successfully expanding their capabilities in the digital field.


Our commitment is to create exciting future with our clients. Being strategic partner to help enhance their digital competitiveness. Our journey never ends until our clients are successful.


The sales assistant for field sales, marketing and customer service is not only optimized for mobile use, but also provides maximum safety, efficiency and positive feedback during use. Companies of all sizes around the world are using Useware Systems to better support their customers without having to rebuild their entire IT landscape.


Experts for Technology, Processes, and Innovation

Software Engineering

THIS IS! DMG provides all needed services to produce great software projects and products!

Enterprise Platforms

Enterprise grade custom hosting environments with Servicelevelagreements for Software and Platform. Secured, fast and with great consulting!

Extended Reality

With its unique way of XR production, THIS IS! DMG is the best partner for Virtual and Augmented Reality projects!

Emerging Technology

Conversational & Generative AI, Metahumans or Metaverse Projects – THIS IS! DMG has a long track record of projects in new technologies!


Tirecloud.one is the digital success solution for the tire industry. As a Digital Commerce Ecosystem it automates the process of ordering, tracking, and managing the sales of tires online. It removes the hassle of phone calls and simplifies the relationship between importers, wholesalers, and dealers. Digitalizing and providing a gateway for the tire importing industry is our goal!